The Restaurant at the End of the Internet

I call my blog The Restaurant at the End of the Internet, which is a link to Douglas Adams' 'trilogy' on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In my PhD, each chapter started with a quote from the Hitchhiker's Guide. Except from the last chapter, where I wrote the following:

Maybe, just maybe, the dolphins were right after all, and it would have been better for man to have stayed in the oceans, and not have bothered to migrate to the land.

It certainly would have been a lot better for most other species on this beautiful, yet fragile, planet. The collective sanity of the human species, is indeed reflected by the very name the humans have given to this planet. What other species would refer to a planet who's surface is mostly covered by water as 'earth'? Every other intelligent species in the universe would have called this planet 'water'.

The dolphins did.

Jokingly I quoted this text as coming from The Restaurant at the End of the Internet.
15 years after making up this quote, and looking at what we are still doing to our planet, I think we should listen more carefully to what the dolphins are saying.


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