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Life as a service; The cloud as my PA

In my previous blog I starting comparing Zen and enterprise architecture. I will definitely continue this stream in weeks to come. However, a recent comment on twitter concerning "Integration as a Service" triggered some dormant desires on a closer integration of services, that would truly support my life as an individual. At the moment, however, we suffer from scattered devices , scattered interfaces and scattered data . Let me elaborate. Scattered devices A few months ago, Microsoft's Steve Balmer stated that our PC Is Just One of Three Screens . More specifically: Now it's no longer just about the desktop but really a broader vision," Ballmer said, adding later: "Microsoft is transforming what Windows is, from a PC OS to a connected platform; an experience that spans the PC, the phone, the TV and the cloud." This certainly is what one would expect in the age of cloud computing. As a Mac user I'll forgive him the reference to a PC rather th

Enterprise architecture as organisational Zen

The way I have learned to understand Zen , is that it is about concentration and focus. By means of meditation , Zen teaches us to focus on the things you really want to focus on , meanwhile allowing us to obtain insight into our inner drives as well as our imprinted reflexes. Whenever we, as average beings, are put under stress, our imprinted reflexes tend take over, taking us away from the things that really matter to us. Instead, we start worrying about how good we are in our jobs, whether our boss likes us, threats to our status in society, et cetera. Zen helps us in focusing on what is important. It does so by improving our mental discipline by way of meditation . This improved discipline allows us, in our daily live, to be more aware of situations where our mind starts wondering off. Especially when we are put under stress, and the mental reflexes that are imprinted in our mind (based on past experiences and shadow beliefs ) take over. Once we have learned to observe such behav