New year's resolution

A new year! Time for new year's resolutions!

Fair enough. The new year is already three weeks old, so maybe I'm a bit late with new year's resolutions. At the same time, we've just passed the third monday of the new year. It seems that the first monday of a new year is the most depressing day of the year. One of the reasons being that this is usually the week in which one realises that all these new year's resolutions have already been broken.

Therefore ... time for my new year's resolution ... I shall blog more. I shall blog more. I shall ....

But ... this was my resolution last year as well. So what's different this year? The basic excuse for not blogging was lack of time (or priority). But, it's probably also caused by the fact that I'm used to writing scientific papers rather than blogs. I need to develop a new discipline of writing shorter bursts, rather than "short papers". Therefore, I think this year I'll stand a chance of blogging more regularly. Maybe even once a week.


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